Crysis 2 has definitely been one of the game's we've been the most curious about this year, so it's great to finally see it in action.


At a press event held last week, Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli answered the evening's big question right away: he would be demoing a stage from Crysis 2 on the Xbox 360 to give everyone a look at what his team has done with this generation's console hardware. Anyone who played the original Crysis knows what a tall order approximating those visuals on consoles was going to be, but after seeing protagonist Nomad tackle aliens and private military contractors on a devastated vision of Wall Street circa 2023, it was hard to be anything but impressed. The sun peeking through the distant haze above crumbled buildings, the bits and pieces of concrete and glass erupting from stray gunfire, and the vibrancy of the oddly lush rooftop gardens were just a few ingredients combining to make for a very pretty demo.

At this point, it's pleasing to see just how nice the Xbox 360 version of Crysis 2 looks. It would have been nice to see more game, as the presentation we saw was heavy on tech demo reels and light on gameplay. But for the 10 or so minutes of the game we saw in action, there was a lot to like. Now we're eager to see just how ridiculous the PC version looks, as well as how that "verticality" of leaping between skyscrapers figures into the game.


At least it's encouraging that the game does run on consoles without looking too shabby, and that it's looks like it has more sandbox combat rather than linear tunnel shooting.


On visuals, the Xbox 360 version--the only one shown running in real-time--looked gorgeous from the back row of the Tribeca Grand Screening Room. However, that's a far cry from the typical home theater experience so I can't say much else there. As for how it runs on Xbox 360, the current build--keep in mind, the game isn't done yet--displayed some framerate and screen-tearing issues when the action got too intense. But again, it's still a work-in-progress so don't read too much into this.


The first Crysis had a reputation for all but melting PCs, running best on high-end hardware that costs a few paychecks. But the new Crysis 2, even when running on an Xbox 360, looks quite nice in its own right. The game's New York appeared crisp, the Chrysler building gleaming in the background of the scene we saw, an intersection densely with the detail of detailed buildings, street detritus and enemies.

So, as demonstrated before Kotaku's eyes, the game's hero can shoot at enemies but also toss newspaper boxes at them, blow up cars, and swing lampposts. We were told that punching cars will trigger airbags, the tactical value of that not entirely clear yet. Hot dog carts, can either be tossed or detonated. Think of it, the Crytek people said, as an urban jungle.


It's been the shortest of in-game presentations, but it's already proved the supposedly impossible: Crysis 2 is likely to work as well on consoles as it will on the PC, and with little, so far, in the way of obvious compromise. Whether you care about the story or the bump-mapping, Crytek's latest is looking extremely confident, then. Finally perhaps everyone will get a chance to see what all the fuss is about.

Giant Bomb

The game didn't seem to take a huge hit to image quality on the 360--look at the screenshots and you'll know it's certainly a fine-looking game--though it also wasn't the eye-popping visual revelation the first Crysis was two years ago, and the frame rate in this early build was a little dodgy. But it is early, since the game isn't coming until around the end of the year.


Playstaion Univrse

So, will Crysis 2 be the game of the year as businessman David Demartini desires? It's a bit too early to answer that question, but it's is definitely shaping up to be one of 2010's heavy hitters. Mark your calendars; the battle to save New York City begins at the end of the year.


If you’re a console-based shooter fan, Crysis may be the best game from the past five years you never played.

If these brief encounters are any indication of how the rest of the game plays out, Crysis 2 looks to be a kinetic action game that should find a willing audience in console gamers. Given how good the 360 version looked, we can’t wait to see how Crytek pushes the boundaries of the PC platform.


Though early, this build looked amazing and was already running beautifully on the Xbox 360 hardware. It's a shame we couldn't see the PS3 version in action, but if it's performing this well on the 360, then we can expect great things from the PS3 and PC version, as well. The destructible environments gave off realistic physics, all the soldiers and aliens were heavily detailed and fluid in their movements. Killzone 2 was the best looking FPS for the generation, but, based on this footage, it has just been trumped. The intensity of the atmosphere and overall feel presented in the demonstration was mind-blowing. With the music, sound effects, and debris flying all over the place, it put you in the shoes of the war-zone. The city of New York was amazing rendered so realistically you'll feel like you are protecting the city from these invaders, from the small portion of the city we saw. It's still many months away from completion, but what was shown will impress all shooting fans.


The visual spectacle that the destruction creates is something to behold; the game was running on an Xbox 360, and I noticed only a few brief bouts of s lowdown in the work-in-progress build. I haven’t played Crysis, so I can’t say if the console version looks better than the first game did on PC, but trust me: it looks very good. The second and final bit of gameplay we saw was a street-level skirmish with some aliens. They’re much more formidable foes than soldiers, so one tactic Camarillo used was stealth: he went invisible, walked behind an alien, and blew him away with his shotgun. Of course, then the rest of the enemies knew where he was, so when he came at them, they took cover behind cars and concrete barriers. That’s when Camarillo picked up a grenade launcher and destroyed their cover to finish off the last few aliens.

At that moment, the ground began to quake, and a massive monolith rose up through a building in a vortex of ash and smoke. The rocky alien spire ascended skyward, darkening the area in a matter of seconds, and that was where the demo ended. I’m sure Crytek will bring a fantastic gameplay experience, but if they can manage to get gamers to care about the story, too, then we may have a real winner on our hands.


Certainly, this is the closest thing to a real New York I've seen in a video game, besting even Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto IV. Beyond simple accuracy, what sells the "feel" of New York is its scale: buildings feel as large as they should, with a certain grittiness that most games fail to capture.

It's easy -- almost predictable -- to say that I was impressed by Crysis 2. However, without a hands-on session, it's hard to know if the weapons feel right, or if the AI is as devilishly intelligent as in the first game. Based on EA's marketing calendar, we're not supposed to know yet. Right now, it's all about the spectacle ... and what a beautiful one it is.

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We get the sense there's going to be two main points to Crysis 2 though - to marvel at the destruction you can cause and to marvel at the destruction the alien invasion causes. Crytek has done a great job of depicting New York as a city on the verge of collapse. Buildings creak and groan as fires eat away at their support structure, distant rumbling and shockwaves shake the dust off their walls and the alien creatures themselves have no respect for the city as they plunder, smash and carve their way through the metropolis.

It looks stunning. While games like Gears of War can conjure up stunning looking rollercoasters, the difference with Crysis 2 is the rollercoaster feels brittle, as though you could quite easily tear down the gorgeous looking world around you with errant gunfire. The phrase Crytek uses is "catastrophic beauty" and it's spot on. It's a world that feels alive and reacts to everything going on around it. The level of detail is so minute that if you shoot an alien into a car so it hits from the front, an airbag deploys. A small, geeky detail, sure. But also a cool one that highlights just how much blood, sweat and tears are going into this.

It's going to be a long wait until the 'holiday 2010' release date hits and there will be a few more challengers to the throne of most technically impressive title on Xbox 360 between now and then. Yet Crytek shouldn't worry. After all, they seem to have been the only developer that has found that magic button under the 360's hood that has enabled the best graphics we've seen on the console to date. If they bring the story and the gameplay up to that level, it's scary thinking about just how good this game can be...

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Even with a little poking and prodding, the Crytek team was pretty tight-lipped on most other details about the gameplay, story, and additional elements of Crysis 2, but what we saw of this polished work-in-progress shows a lot of promise. The sheer fact that console gamers will get a piece of action should be music to your trigger fingers.

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Electronic Arts is putting their full weight behind Crysis 2 and it's easy to see why. The technology and the gameplay are there; if the sequel plays on consoles as well as the first game did on PCs, it will definitely be fun. What Cevat Yerli, Richard Morgan, Frank Kitson, and the rest of the Crytek team are trying to accomplish is to push the story forward so that it's on par with the greatest games of our time like Half-Life 2 or Deus Ex. By setting Crysis 2 in New York and bringing in some top-notch fiction talent, they may just pull it off.

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The AI has definitely got a huge boot in the butt. We saw a new configuration of the Aliens, which was much more tactically-minded and it's smarted and much more aggressive, meaner.

Sarcastic Gamer

From the brief gameplay that I saw, which featured destructible terrain, windows shattering and buildings crumbling looked REAL purty. It showed how some of the powers could be used in tandem and it showed a new one button stealth kill, while invisible. And it was done on an Xbox 360.There’s no doubt that EA is going to heavily promote Crysis 2. This IS their tent-pole shooter of this Christmas.


I guess that’s it. It’s Crysis, but set in New York. I fully expect it to be the biggest game of the holiday season. You know damn well that Microsoft will be promoting it like crazy… “Look what the Xbox 360 can do~!”

I, of course, like a true geek, will be getting the PC version. It’s game like Crysis 2 worth sinking hundreds of dollars into a gaming PC worthwhile.





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